Dear reader,

I hope that my art inspires you to see your world from a diffrent angle, more colourful and alive. Art has always been a very important aspect of my life. Not only is it a place for reflection; most of all, it is a realm where emotions are free. For me that is something very valuable; it gives me a sense of freedom and a pleasant distance of and in daily life.
After finishing high school I traveled through Europe for awhile; and with every change of scenery a new poem was born. When I came back home I continued writing poetry and became more and more interested in making collages.
What is so interesting about this art discipline is that you can create a new world in a very figurative way; so the viewer becomes easily drawn into this new landscape. Of course everyone has it’s own experience regarding a collage, but I hope this work shows you a little bit of how it could be…



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